Hello World!

Mr & Mrs Q
Mr & Mrs Q

Why just be Q? I mean, what the heck is a Q and why be a Q?

Well, Q is my nickname for starters. And the just be part, well that reminds me to be me and no one else.

How did I get a nickname like Q, you ask? 

Well my first name is Susan and I have curly hair. So the answer should start to become self-evident. My nicknames growing up were, Suzy Q, Curly Sue, Q Top, Curly Q. Now do you see the direction this is going. Over the years it’s just been whittled down to just Q.

The Big Day
The Big Day, a long, long time ago

Why have I started a blog and what am I going to write about?

Things and stuff. Alright, if you a diehard Walking Dead fan you will get that reference. If not, I’m not going to explain it. I’m not sure what this is going to be yet. It’s a work in progress, such as my life. Maybe we will see on down the road.

Can you give us a hint?

Well I can tell you the things I like that will most likely come up: my husband when he isn’t driving me nuts, our cats – they are our kids and not really normal cats at all, perfume because I love perfume, life, work, whatever makes me – me. And whatever else my hare-brain  happens to be into at the time.

Vegas 5th Anniversary
Vegas 5th Anniversary
Halloween Best Time of Year
Halloween Best Time of Year

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