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In the City of Sin ~ By Kilian

When I think of the City of Sin, my mind will automatically go to the flash, glitz and the in your face over abundance of “sin-sations,” stimulations and temptations. But in tandem with that thought is the inevitable crash of reality leaving a shadow of the person that once was and where dreams and illusions are forever shattered.

But Sin isn’t that at all. Yes, there is a brightness in it’s opening with the pepper and cardamom (which peaks in and out, like a nervous dealer). But instead of an over abundance of brightness that could blind, the plum and rose sweep in perfectly paired; keeping each other from getting too wild and out of control. Plum and rose take your hand in the guise of a gentle Madam that has played this game all her life. She is wise to the ways of overindulgence and watches over your journey with warm eyes and a guiding hand. She presents all that is offered in this tumultuous realm letting you taste and touch the incense and creamy cedar. And before you can be swayed any further she gently steers your journey into safer waters. Then you wake to the smell of a perplexing comforting sweetness. Ghostly wispy thoughts of something profound and satisfying linger, but alas it is out of reach.

I find the opening of Sin moves very fast. I mean it passes almost too quickly. And it’s bright. I get the pepper, a smidge of bergamot and luckily for me the cardamom is very peek-a-boo, which I appreciate because I’m not a huge fan. But here I find it pleasant. I don’t really get any of the apricot. The plum and rose are really perfectly matched. It doesn’t lean overly fruity or rosy to me. I can still smell the pepper when the cedar and incense drift in. The cedar has a creaminess quality to it. It’s still woody but it’s smooth and mellow. The incense adds depth and really wraps around the whole fragrance and I think holds it all together nicely. Then it fades to a gentle sweetness. The plum and rose keep doing their job and keep the sweetness from getting stale and boring. And there seems to be a light musk underneath it all as well.

I think it is wonderfully seductive fragrance and I am enjoying my sample a great deal. It wears close to the skin and I get about 3-4 hours before having to reapply. I did ask my husband what he thought of it. All I got was “it’s nice” and a shoulder shrug which translates to- this doesn’t do the same for him that it does for me. LOL. This also mean’s enjoy my sample because i’m not forking out that kind of dough for, “it’s nice.” 😉

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Si Lolita ~ Lolita Lempicka

Si Lolita, you spicy senorita! You’re a salsa of senses with your polite salutary sillage.

I shall stop with all the “s” words, now. Because if I go further your mind will automatically start reciting “Suzy sells sea shells by the sea shore.” I had to do it. Now it is stuck in your head. See what I did. (Inserting maniacal evil laugh here).This also means I’ve seen the Muppet movie one too many times.

It starts off with a bright peppery opening which really wakes me up. And strangely when I first spray it I get a woodsy whiff of pencil shavings (which I oddly like) and I’m thinking that is from the elemi resin. That only lasts for about few minutes which is when the soft sweet pea trickles in with a hint of vanilla. Then the light powderiness of amber intertwines with patchouli pulling it all together with a polka dot bow.

Even with the spiciness, it is bright, light and kind with a gentle sweetness. I like it because the floral is not overpowering at all and the sweetness is composed. Everything combines so well. I have no problem wearing this all year round. I think balmy is a great description to use. It is mild and pleasant, gentle and soft. 2 sprays lasts me through a work day.

And the bottle, I love the bottle. It is so charming.

It’s a great everyday perfume which I think can dance right into a nice evening out.

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Light Blue ~ Dolce & Gabbana

Dear Light Blue, I really tried to stay away from you. Your popularity, I thought, was just to much. And tried and tried I did. But your cedar proved to be just the right touch. I found myself compelled to spritz you on every time I was in a store where I unknowingly sought you out, needing a fix. But atlast you enslaved me into your masses.

Clean Lemony green apple crispness giving way to cedars commanding entrance. I think this is a wonderful summer fragrance. It sooths away any rough edges of the day. I constantly bring my wrist to my nose for a fix. On me it hangs close to the skin after the first hour. And needs a reapply after about four.

Yes, I’m an addict. Back off! I’ve got a bottle in my hand and am not afraid to use it!

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Lolavie ~ Jennifer Aniston

I know this is a fragrance that seems to get more hate than love. I’m more on the strong like side. It doesn’t seem remarkable enough to warrant extreme emotions. I enjoy it because it reminds me of childhood memories driving thru orange groves on the way to visit grandma. It starts out pleasant with jasmine and citrus-which to me reminds me of orange blossoms. That seems to settle quickly into a clean shower fresh scent. When it dries down it turns more salted skin basking on a breezy beach. It graduates to a close to the skin scent really quickly before fading all together. A little suntan lotionish but it’s not heavy at all. I get the musk, sandalwood and amber but it’s so faint. I find it to be a non confrontational mellow scent that reminds me of being a kid playing hide and seek amongst grapefruit and orange trees. Maybe lasts on me 2 hours. I will enjoy it this summer.

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Womanity ~ Thierry Mugler

Oh, Womanity, how you wooed me! First the whispers and rumors. Then I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. Like the cute new guy in the office that you have to find a reason to run into him again, just to get a better look. Woah!

I got a whiff and it was so different than anything else I experienced. I couldn’t commit. I took a sample and it’s like that bad boy with the motorcycle you shouldnt date. But you can’t say no. The attraction is there. No denying it. So you go out for another test drive. Then it’s hook, line and sinker. I was in for the long hall with the biggest bottle I could get.

It’s like the sweet and salty dance of a good kiss locked into the here and now with no regard of the future.. That bad boy in perfect harmony with a good girl. It’s deep and dark but light and airy all at the same time. Perfect!

Then my girlfriends all started to comment. Then ask. And like a girl in love I started talking. The next thing I know my fragrance was cheating on me with all my friends. Have they no shame? Didn’t they understand I called dibs? It’s like showing up at a nice event and someone else is wearing my dress. Or showing up with my date from last week when I thought things went so well.

It starts off with a bang. Sweet fig and salty aquatic caviar. Someone below said it reminded them of a mermaid and I can totally see that or should I say “sea.” It mellows out so nicely. It seems to have a slight spice. And sometimes the saltiness reminds me of celery. And the fig is not overly sweet.

Just to spite my girlfriends-I’m going to get the Taste of Fragrance version and keep my mouth shut cause I’m not sharing!

I do think the fig chutney in the TOF does add to it. Just a bit more sweet fig to balance out the saltiness of the cavier. It’s just different enough…

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Boyfriend ~ Kate Walsh

A little bit of Levi in my life
A little bit of Sam by my side
A little bit of Neil is all I need
A little bit of Shane is what I see
A little bit of Sean in the sun
A little bit of Lewis all night long
A little bit of Aidan here I am
A little bit of you makes me your… woman

I know! I know! I will never take liberty with the lyrics from Mambo # 5 ever again. I swear the packaging made me do it!

In the opening of Boyfriend, I get a peppery cinnamon which dries down to a sweet smokiness all wrapped up in undertones of mild cozy woodiness.

This scent is cozy from the get go. It reminds me of October, heavy sweaters, burning leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, black and mild cigars or cherry pipe tobacco. Everything warm and comforting just like being snuggled up in front of blazing fire in the fire place with my man or a good book.

I like Kate’s idea behind her first perfume and I can kind of see her vision in this. It’s like being wrapped up in a giant hug with strong arms. In my opinion she did pretty well for her fist time out. I find Boyfriend to be enjoyable and can’t wait for the weather to turn cool so that I may enjoy it again.

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