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In the City of Sin ~ By Kilian

When I think of the City of Sin, my mind will automatically go to the flash, glitz and the in your face over abundance of “sin-sations,” stimulations and temptations. But in tandem with that thought is the inevitable crash of reality leaving a shadow of the person that once was and where dreams and illusions are forever shattered.

But Sin isn’t that at all. Yes, there is a brightness in it’s opening with the pepper and cardamom (which peaks in and out, like a nervous dealer). But instead of an over abundance of brightness that could blind, the plum and rose sweep in perfectly paired; keeping each other from getting too wild and out of control. Plum and rose take your hand in the guise of a gentle Madam that has played this game all her life. She is wise to the ways of overindulgence and watches over your journey with warm eyes and a guiding hand. She presents all that is offered in this tumultuous realm letting you taste and touch the incense and creamy cedar. And before you can be swayed any further she gently steers your journey into safer waters. Then you wake to the smell of a perplexing comforting sweetness. Ghostly wispy thoughts of something profound and satisfying linger, but alas it is out of reach.

I find the opening of Sin moves very fast. I mean it passes almost too quickly. And it’s bright. I get the pepper, a smidge of bergamot and luckily for me the cardamom is very peek-a-boo, which I appreciate because I’m not a huge fan. But here I find it pleasant. I don’t really get any of the apricot. The plum and rose are really perfectly matched. It doesn’t lean overly fruity or rosy to me. I can still smell the pepper when the cedar and incense drift in. The cedar has a creaminess quality to it. It’s still woody but it’s smooth and mellow. The incense adds depth and really wraps around the whole fragrance and I think holds it all together nicely. Then it fades to a gentle sweetness. The plum and rose keep doing their job and keep the sweetness from getting stale and boring. And there seems to be a light musk underneath it all as well.

I think it is wonderfully seductive fragrance and I am enjoying my sample a great deal. It wears close to the skin and I get about 3-4 hours before having to reapply. I did ask my husband what he thought of it. All I got was “it’s nice” and a shoulder shrug which translates to- this doesn’t do the same for him that it does for me. LOL. This also mean’s enjoy my sample because i’m not forking out that kind of dough for, “it’s nice.” 😉

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