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Womanity ~ Thierry Mugler

Oh, Womanity, how you wooed me! First the whispers and rumors. Then I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. Like the cute new guy in the office that you have to find a reason to run into him again, just to get a better look. Woah!

I got a whiff and it was so different than anything else I experienced. I couldn’t commit. I took a sample and it’s like that bad boy with the motorcycle you shouldnt date. But you can’t say no. The attraction is there. No denying it. So you go out for another test drive. Then it’s hook, line and sinker. I was in for the long hall with the biggest bottle I could get.

It’s like the sweet and salty dance of a good kiss locked into the here and now with no regard of the future.. That bad boy in perfect harmony with a good girl. It’s deep and dark but light and airy all at the same time. Perfect!

Then my girlfriends all started to comment. Then ask. And like a girl in love I started talking. The next thing I know my fragrance was cheating on me with all my friends. Have they no shame? Didn’t they understand I called dibs? It’s like showing up at a nice event and someone else is wearing my dress. Or showing up with my date from last week when I thought things went so well.

It starts off with a bang. Sweet fig and salty aquatic caviar. Someone below said it reminded them of a mermaid and I can totally see that or should I say “sea.” It mellows out so nicely. It seems to have a slight spice. And sometimes the saltiness reminds me of celery. And the fig is not overly sweet.

Just to spite my girlfriends-I’m going to get the Taste of Fragrance version and keep my mouth shut cause I’m not sharing!

I do think the fig chutney in the TOF does add to it. Just a bit more sweet fig to balance out the saltiness of the cavier. It’s just different enough…

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