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Si Lolita ~ Lolita Lempicka

Si Lolita, you spicy senorita! You’re a salsa of senses with your polite salutary sillage.

I shall stop with all the “s” words, now. Because if I go further your mind will automatically start reciting “Suzy sells sea shells by the sea shore.” I had to do it. Now it is stuck in your head. See what I did. (Inserting maniacal evil laugh here).This also means I’ve seen the Muppet movie one too many times.

It starts off with a bright peppery opening which really wakes me up. And strangely when I first spray it I get a woodsy whiff of pencil shavings (which I oddly like) and I’m thinking that is from the elemi resin. That only lasts for about few minutes which is when the soft sweet pea trickles in with a hint of vanilla. Then the light powderiness of amber intertwines with patchouli pulling it all together with a polka dot bow.

Even with the spiciness, it is bright, light and kind with a gentle sweetness. I like it because the floral is not overpowering at all and the sweetness is composed. Everything combines so well. I have no problem wearing this all year round. I think balmy is a great description to use. It is mild and pleasant, gentle and soft. 2 sprays lasts me through a work day.

And the bottle, I love the bottle. It is so charming.

It’s a great everyday perfume which I think can dance right into a nice evening out.

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