Posted in Perfume Reviews

Lolavie ~ Jennifer Aniston

I know this is a fragrance that seems to get more hate than love. I’m more on the strong like side. It doesn’t seem remarkable enough to warrant extreme emotions. I enjoy it because it reminds me of childhood memories driving thru orange groves on the way to visit grandma. It starts out pleasant with jasmine and citrus-which to me reminds me of orange blossoms. That seems to settle quickly into a clean shower fresh scent. When it dries down it turns more salted skin basking on a breezy beach. It graduates to a close to the skin scent really quickly before fading all together. A little suntan lotionish but it’s not heavy at all. I get the musk, sandalwood and amber but it’s so faint. I find it to be a non confrontational mellow scent that reminds me of being a kid playing hide and seek amongst grapefruit and orange trees. Maybe lasts on me 2 hours. I will enjoy it this summer.

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