Posted in Perfume Reviews

Light Blue ~ Dolce & Gabbana

Dear Light Blue, I really tried to stay away from you. Your popularity, I thought, was just to much. And tried and tried I did. But your cedar proved to be just the right touch. I found myself compelled to spritz you on every time I was in a store where I unknowingly sought you out, needing a fix. But atlast you enslaved me into your masses.

Clean Lemony green apple crispness giving way to cedars commanding entrance. I think this is a wonderful summer fragrance. It sooths away any rough edges of the day. I constantly bring my wrist to my nose for a fix. On me it hangs close to the skin after the first hour. And needs a reapply after about four.

Yes, I’m an addict. Back off! I’ve got a bottle in my hand and am not afraid to use it!

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