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What We Do In Paris Is Secret ~ A Lab On Fire

This is probably going to sound bizarre; WWDIPS has a story to tell me. But I don’t think it needs to be a secret.

When I wear this it takes me on a journey to an early spring afternoon; asphalt is drying from a morning storm. There is a breeze as I walk unhurriedly along the sidewalk window-shopping in an old town square. The breeze carries traces of the damp asphalt and ozone. The air is crisp, and the sun offers warmth when it peaks out of the clearing clouds. Bees are humming around flowering planters and the trees lining the street are starting to bloom with puffy white and pink flowers. Shops are opening their doors now that the rain has passed. And as I walk the air currents mingle all these smells together. The square starts to bustle with people a bit more but it doesn’t interrupt my tranquility.

WWDIP opens in unassuming and effortless layers. There is definitely nothing pretentious about it. I know this is odd but I really do get an ozone-ish and drying asphalt vibe that lasts less than a minute. This has to be the Tolu Balsam and it seems to give this fragrance a solid base or platform on which to perform. Then a rich vanilla honey moves right in with hints of creamy almond from the Tonka and Heliotrope, but not in a gourmand way. It’s a floral fragrance, which is thankfully not overdone. Heliotrope dominates and the rose I find is light. This all seems to meld into the sweet billowy powderiness of Amber. An earthiness vibe sneaks in and out which keeps things centered and balanced to me.

Now with that all being said, WWDIP might sound like a warm and cozy fragrance. And it is warm and cozy, but I do not find it heavy. It also manages to be very cool, crisp, airy, light, balmy. I find that I can wear this from fall through spring. The poweriness might blossom a little too much in the southern heat of summer for my taste. I personally favor this as more daytime wear. It lasts about 6 hours on me and silage stays about arms length until hour 4 before becoming a solid skin sent.

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