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Verbena Mint ~ L`Occitane en Provence

It’s my mojito in a bottle except with lemon, of course. VM is refreshing and cooling on a hot summer day. It is simple and straightforward and light. Feel free to hose yourself down with this EDT. It comes in a 3.4oz frosted bottle. I don’t normally go for such a large size, but with the amount that I use, it goes pretty quick. And this is fine. It will allow me to move onto another fun refreshing fragrance without any guilt. This is perfect for spring and summer. In the spring it puts me in the mood for late brunches on a veranda when the air is still a bit cool but the sun keeps you warm enough and it brings the good kind of goosebumps. For the summer its a fragrance that will cool you off in the dripping southern heat and refresh your brain thats baking in your head. It’s a fun carefree fling of a fragrance that is forever enjoyable.

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