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The Smell of Freedom ~ Lush

Hello, Lush Store! If you are jonesing for a trip to Lush and can’t get there, this will tide you over! I’m so glad Vie Café mentioned this. As I was reading the reviews, I was loudly thinking (in my head)please don’t let me be the only one who thinks this smells like the store! Yes, the store smells sweeter with a topping of candy fluff, but everything else is right here.

When it is first sprayed it is a bright blast of lemon and ginger which I absolutely love. There is also the neroli and jasmine but they stay in the back seat offering just a touch of sweetness to round the opening a bit. Mmm! The ginger and lemon are so refreshing! Next a peppery clove announces itself by spicing things up as it carries the fragrance deeper into soft woods with just a slight touch of powder. It’s nice to be able to pick out every note; yet they meld together so nicely. The pepper and clove hang in there till the end with a soft sweetness.

This is an earthy fragrance yet clean but not soapy. It has lightness to it. I don’t find anything dense or heavy about it. It’s spicy but not a spice bomb. It smells wonderful I just wish it lasted a bit longer on me. After an hour it graduates to a very nice skin scent. I wish it would just last. After about three hours I don’t notice it at all. But that is why I bought the purse spray size (great for touch ups). And I have to stay away from their solid fragrances thanks to the annoying rash they give me at the application site.

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