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Love and Tears ~ Kilian

So many things to say: We got a dabber! It’s loud and proud! I can see this causing tears if applied too liberally to the wearer or by those in the vicinity. Lord knows the potential for a migraine sized headache is here. All that being said; in moderation I find this beautiful and charming.

The jasmine is fresh and dewy and at the peak of their bloom. Orange blossom and lily of the valley faithfully support their leading lady and are detectable once you become used to the jasmine. It turns a touch green from the narcissus, galbunum and petitgrain about 45 minutes in. Then I get a stong licorice note that sticks around thanks to the lavender. And that’s about where it stays on me. I’m not a huge licorice fan, but it balances out the jasmine quite nicely and gives it a clean quality. Not soapy but it does have a kind of after a shower clean, a touch medicinal clean. Make no mistake; this is jasmine through and through, but I do not find it to be linear by any means. And I don’t get any of the cedar or oak moss.

Will I buy a bottle, no. Do I think it is a well done perfume, absolutely. It is well-blended, well-rounded, well-balanced. It’s a big floral! And by big I mean HUGE!

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