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Angel ~ Thierry Mugler

I first discovered Angel in one of those paper inserts in a sales flyer and fell head over heels for it. I hung onto that little flyer for 6 months and kept it in my office drawer and would take it out and smell it all the time and it was the first item on my Christmas list. This was the fragrance that started my love affair with perfume.

It is so wonderfully complex and I’m constantly discovering something new about it all the time. And I think I will hardly pay it justice with my thoughts. It’s sweet and creamy and spicy all at the same time.

Mild chocolately, Carmelly, honeyed patchouli makes it warm and velvety. Great for chiller days but I do cheat and where it on warm evenings. Here in the south with the humidity it really hugs you. It’s a vey comforting and sexy at the same time.

I’ve also tried a sample of the taste of fragrance version. This flanker is not a gotta have for me.You do get hit with the strong chocolate smell right off the bat. But it settles quickly into a milder version of angel. If you think original Angel is to potent I do suggest giving theTOF a try. Once that cacao dissipates and it does quickly on me, it does settle into a lighter version of this amazing scent.

This is perfume crack to me! I can never get enough. It is potent. I use about 3 sprays unless its hot. Then its one spray. If I don’t take a shower at night, I can normally still detect it the next morning when I wake. This oriental vanilla is a long wearing sillage monster. I only wear it in the office when I know not many people will be in. Angel seems to be very polarizing to people but I really don’t know why. It was love at first sniff for me. Definitely an adult perfume not that I would fault anyone young wearing it because it is irresistible. Most suited for evening wear in the colder months.

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