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Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the digital world. Feel free to peruse my perfume reviews. I’m sure as I venture down this road my blog will twist and turn with me.


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Youth Dew – Estée Lauder

When I was a little girl my dad would always get these root beer candies shaped like little barrels.  And sometimes he would share them with me. Youth-Dew reminds me of that candy and that candy reminds me of my father.

I know what you’re thinking, “really, root beer?!” Yep, root beer! The balsams, the clove, the cinnamon and spices, the cassia…all ingredients in, you got it, root beer. And I love a good root beer and I’m very picky with my root beer thanks to my dad.

This is definitely a huge power-fume, a little goes a long way. If I’m not careful it can quickly lead to a headache from hell. The first time I sprayed this in a department store, I found myself in the bathroom trying to scrub it off to no avail and thinking, “oh God, what have I done!”

I waited a very long while before giving it another go, a small dose this time. And Magic! Or should I say Root Beer!

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Jo Malone ~ Lime Basil and Mandarin

Citrusy, bright, crisp, green, herbal, clean, refreshing, fresh, effervescent, light, uplifting, natural, cool, zesty, spring-like, breezy. Add some tonic water and a splash of rum and I think I could drink this stuff.

A bright opening of fresh cut lime trailing very closely to fresh cut basil. Then I detect the mandarin and bergamot which round the lime out nicely. The iris brings a slight scratchiness to the mix and the vetiver adds a smidge of a dry weight to it. The vetiver and iris mesh really well dirtying it up a bit which makes it slightly more masculine. I get a drive-by of spiciness from the caraway. Literally, I smell it and it is gone with the wind. But, mostly you get happy lime and basil.

I absolutely love this stuff and I could keep my nose to my arm all day sniffing away. That would be if it didn’t disappear after 3 hours. And no question that is totally unisex.

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Spadaro Fragrances

Doux Amour
You had me at the opening! The top is elegant and beautiful. Just like Sole Nero, it is well blended and well balanced. The florals are soft and exotic without the need to be ‘in your face.’ The warmth of the amber adds to the mild sweetness of the ylang-ylang and jasmine creating a very welcoming experience. The patchouli and sandalwood come out toward the end but seem to stay muted for the most part, which I think was a smart move. A strong minerality shows up about 10 minutes in and is there for the long haul. It can seem metallic at times or the smell of wet stone. I know, totally weird, right? I have tested this in both warm and cool weather hoping the minerality of it would abate. However, it has not, which totally sucks because the opening is beautiful.

Sole Nero
Well, this is just downright wonderful! It’s musky, bright and creamy all at the same time all the while growing warm with incense and spice all with a mild sweetness in the background. This to me is so well blended and balanced. The opening is a tailored toned down citrus thanks to the musk and its gently sweet with the help of vanilla. The sweetness is by no means in your face or overly vanillic. Almonds add creaminess to the composition. And about 10-15 minutes in the incense and pepper meander into the mix slowly adding warmth. I do get a smidge of sandalwood adding the smallest touch of dryness towards the end. Although I can’t pinpoint the cumin, I do think it helps by adding a vibe that I cannot put my finger on. I just can’t put a word on it. If I was to purchase this would be the one out of the three. But I think this will stay in the “like” category instead of “gotta have or I’ll die” category.

Noche Del Fuego
Before I received my three samples from Spadaro, I really had a preconceived notion that this would probably become my favorite of the three. So, I was slightly disappointed when it wasn’t, I had built up something ‘more’ in my mind. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t dislike it. It actually reminds me of my father’s wood workshop and growing up with the smell of sawdust in the air. The sandalwood and patchouli come across as dry and dusty. When I first spray it I do detect the honey and vanilla but it is fleeting. It then stays liner on me with the dry dustiness of the sandalwood and patchouli. It resides close and quiet on my skin.

These 3 fragrance seem to share the same base and you can tell belong from the same family.

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Love and Tears ~ Kilian

So many things to say: We got a dabber! It’s loud and proud! I can see this causing tears if applied too liberally to the wearer or by those in the vicinity. Lord knows the potential for a migraine sized headache is here. All that being said; in moderation I find this beautiful and charming.

The jasmine is fresh and dewy and at the peak of their bloom. Orange blossom and lily of the valley faithfully support their leading lady and are detectable once you become used to the jasmine. It turns a touch green from the narcissus, galbunum and petitgrain about 45 minutes in. Then I get a stong licorice note that sticks around thanks to the lavender. And that’s about where it stays on me. I’m not a huge licorice fan, but it balances out the jasmine quite nicely and gives it a clean quality. Not soapy but it does have a kind of after a shower clean, a touch medicinal clean. Make no mistake; this is jasmine through and through, but I do not find it to be linear by any means. And I don’t get any of the cedar or oak moss.

Will I buy a bottle, no. Do I think it is a well done perfume, absolutely. It is well-blended, well-rounded, well-balanced. It’s a big floral! And by big I mean HUGE!

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Orange Blossom ~ Lush

Wow! This opens GREEN and potent! With a capital G-R-E-E-N and P-O-T-E-N-T! I mean this slaps you across the face at first spray. Then it becomes potently green with honey and the comb. I love orange blossom and neroli (they are my favorite notes) and I don’t think it can get anymore orange blossom and neroli than this. It seems to envelop every aspect of it. From the leaves to the bitter rind of the fruit to the wonderful dried down sweetness that we all know and love. There is a rawness to it. After the opening there is a waxiness and it becomes more citric. It’s still green at this point. I don’t think a lot of people will enjoy the opening because it can be viewed as harsh and I could see this giving someone a blinding headache too. And on another note (haha, get it? I said note), my cat apparently loves the stuff, she keeps licking and rubbing her nose across my arm making it difficult to type.

My favorite part is about two hours in. When the sandalwood and rosewood warm it up and mellow it out a bit and the greenness diminishes and the honey amps up just a bit. When it finally settles it turns to that sweet flower I love about 4 hours in.

It sticks around for a lot longer and is louder than I thought it would be. I probably get 6-8 hours wear time. The silage seems quite loud in the early stages of this fragrances evolution but as it evolves and the sweetness settles in toward the end it becomes a lot more quiet.

If you can make it through the opening the ending is worth it. I can respect it. But I will not wear it frequently and am glad I only purchased the purse spray. But the ending is really WOW! And very true!

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The Smell of Freedom ~ Lush

Hello, Lush Store! If you are jonesing for a trip to Lush and can’t get there, this will tide you over! I’m so glad Vie Café mentioned this. As I was reading the reviews, I was loudly thinking (in my head)please don’t let me be the only one who thinks this smells like the store! Yes, the store smells sweeter with a topping of candy fluff, but everything else is right here.

When it is first sprayed it is a bright blast of lemon and ginger which I absolutely love. There is also the neroli and jasmine but they stay in the back seat offering just a touch of sweetness to round the opening a bit. Mmm! The ginger and lemon are so refreshing! Next a peppery clove announces itself by spicing things up as it carries the fragrance deeper into soft woods with just a slight touch of powder. It’s nice to be able to pick out every note; yet they meld together so nicely. The pepper and clove hang in there till the end with a soft sweetness.

This is an earthy fragrance yet clean but not soapy. It has lightness to it. I don’t find anything dense or heavy about it. It’s spicy but not a spice bomb. It smells wonderful I just wish it lasted a bit longer on me. After an hour it graduates to a very nice skin scent. I wish it would just last. After about three hours I don’t notice it at all. But that is why I bought the purse spray size (great for touch ups). And I have to stay away from their solid fragrances thanks to the annoying rash they give me at the application site.